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Simulation Training Courses 

Learn & Lead With OLI Technology

From the comfort of your physical or virtual office, learn and lead in your area of expertise from a variety of training courses that we offer. Our technical instructors take you through a learning journey of your class of choice. We offer public introductory courses, as well as, custom courses based on your application needs.

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Electrolyte Modeling Basics (EMB) Class

Electrolyte simulation techniques using OLI Studio: Stream Analyzer
Fall 2021
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Corrosion Modeling Basics Class

OLI Corrosion simulation techniques using OLI Studio: Corrosion + Stream Analyzes
Fall 2021

Electrolyte Flowsheet Modeling Basics Class

OLI Flowsheet simulation for several industries applications
Fall 2021

Studio ScaleChem Basics Class

Upstream Electrolyte simulation techniques using OLI Studio: ScaleCehm

Fall 2021

If you are looking for a custom class for you and your team members tailored for your application needs, submit your request below