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13 Dec 2018

Lithium (Li), an exceptional cathode material used in rechargeable batteries, is an essential element in modern energy production and storage devices. Extraction of lithium by processing minerals, brine, or sea water produces technical-grade Li2CO3. To upgrade the purity to electrochemical grade, there are several purification processes. Diana will show the carbonation process, during which the technical-grade Li2CO3 is subjected to carbonation with gaseous CO2 at elevated temperature and pressure to solubilize the lithium as LiHCO3. LiHCO3 is then heated at 90 ⁰C to precipitate lithium as Li2CO3 with 99.95% purity. The released CO2 is recycled for reuse

15 Nov 2018

Rasika used OLI's RO membrane in Flowsheet: ESP and compare the simulation with a real-world application. In this case, we are simulating a desalination plant located in the middle-east and built to World Health Organization Standard.

18 Oct 2018

In this presentation Jim discussed the thermodynamics of mercury in hydrocarbons. In addition to case examples showing how mercury can be simulated in process equipment

14 Jun 2018

AJ explores the different OLI thermodynamic frameworks, the strengths and limits of each, and give tips for how to investigate and select which framework will work best for your particular application. 

17 May 2018

This seminar explores the chemical challenge to isolate lithium from a brine of various cations and anions using a number of separation options. At the same time, we work on a separation scheme that also separates boron and potassium at ample purities from the same mixture.

26 Apr 2018

CO2 in calcite is the chemistry that explores this seminar topic, of how to investigate case results when the solubility (or another parameter) shows a trend opposite to what you would expect.

12 Apr 2018

This seminar features a few different methods for removing metals from water including chemical precipitation, surface complexation, ion exchange and evaporation.

29 Mar 2018

Using the OLI Studio: Stream Analyzer, this seminar shows how to set up a CO2 titration using HCL and NaOH as titrants. Discussion includes how to let the software control your titration curve by specifying the desired pH of the system.

15 Mar 2018

When there is water vapor in a gas line, the resulting condensate can be highly corrosive. Learn how to calculate when this phenomenon will occur.

01 Mar 2018

A case study showing that rule-of-thumb estimates for pH are unreliable when applied to electrolyte chemistry.

15 Feb 2018

Details of how and when to account for head space or open air in your vessel or tank, taking both volume & humidity into account.

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