Spotlight Seminar

Sustainability - Mining Drainage
Thursday, October 14, 2021, at 11:00 AM EST


Mining Drainage.png

In this Spotlight seminar, we will look at how acid mine drainage (AMD) treatment options can be evaluated using OLI software.  We will use the OLI Studio to study the effect of standard alkaline treatments like lime, limestone, soda ash and magnesium hydroxide, on water quality.  We will also compare the composition and quantity of waste sludge quantity that is produced.  In addition to standard alkaline chemicals, we will test industrial by-products like cement kiln dust and coal fly ash as treatment options. 

Next, we will use OLI Flowsheet to study treatment processes like RO and will combine the neutralization processes studied in OLI Studio with the process options in Flowsheet to create a complete solution


moderated by Mike Kochevar


presented by AJ Gerbino