Spotlight Seminar

Electrolyte based Process Modeling with OLI MSE Engine in AVEVA PRO/II for Oil & Gas Applications

Thursday, November 19, 2020, at 10:00 AM EST


Process Model Simulators.jpg

OLI Systems has created the OLI Alliance Engine to bring electrolyte thermodynamics to the most widely-used process simulators. These partnerships allow engineers and designers to fully utilize the VLLS equilibria developed by OLI inside their simulator of choice, addressing process, and asset reliability challenges within a single ecosystem. In this spotlight, we will explore simulations using the OLI Alliance Engine within OLI’s partner AVEVA and their process simulation software PRO/II. We will explore how to use OLI’s thermodynamic package within PRO/II to calculate optimal regent dosing to ensure contaminant removal of a water stream before it is returned to a body of water, in the mining industry


moderated by Mike Kochevar


presented by Ezequiel Vicent