Spotlight Seminar

Scale Prediction at Ultra HTHP Using the MSE-SRK

thermodynamic Framework


In this Spotlight Seminar, Dr. Diana Miller demonstrated how to calculate scaling profiles in CO2 and/or H2S-rich production fluid. Conditions at both separator and reservoir will be shown. You will see how new data and the MSE-SRK framework improve the predictions, which combine the accurate prediction of VLE (CO2 and H2S partitioning in oil, gas and water phases) with scaling prediction for solids in the upstream UHPHT operating conditions by using OLI Studio: ScaleChem. This enhanced analysis is essential in the oil and gas industry as carbonate and sulfide scale prediction is of vital importance to avoid serious threat to production efficiency and system integrity.


moderated by Mike Kochevar


presented by Diana Miller

think simulation | getting the chemistry right

think simulation | getting the chemistry right

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