Technical Spotlight Seminars 

Complimentary Online Seminar Series

From the comfort of your physical or virtual office, come and join OLI simulation experts sharing the latest process modeling simulation techniques for industrial electrolyte and water chemistry applications. Each online seminar will focus on simulating a specific industrial application using the OLI Systems software portfolio and related capabilities with clearly defined inputs, calculations, and outputs. Each session will be led by one of OLI's electrolyte and water chemistry process simulation experts.  Each presenter on our team has extensive knowledge of the science of electrolytes and water chemistry as well as their applications in a broad range of industrial applications. Join these seminars to learn from our experts and benefit from their extensive experience in solving practical challenges



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Meet our spotlight seminar presenters

Sour Water Stripper

Presented by: Saher Javsi

March 11, 2021

11:00 AM EST

Sour Water System is one of the critical processes of a refinery and its inefficient operation can seriously affect refinery throughput and profits. Electrolytes-based modeling of Sour Water Stripper not only helps in better design it also identifies sections susceptible to stress corrosion cracking by tracking the carbonates in the system thereby improving reliability. In this spotlight, we will present how OLI software can provide better operational visibility to improve operational reliability.

OLI Platform V11 Capabilities

Presented by: AJ Gerbino

April 15, 2021

11:00 AM EST

Details coming soon...... 

App Builder: Refining Applications

Presented by: Ezequiel Vicent

May 13, 2021

11:00 AM EDT

Details coming soon...... 

Optimizer Tool

Presented by: Jim Berthold

June 10, 2021

11:00 AM EDT

Details coming soon...... 

Anthony J. Gerbino, PhD

Vice President of Client Success

AJ brings simulation experience from hundreds of OLI Simulation Studies he has performed on behalf of clients. The lead instructor for OLI trainings, AJ teaches 20+ classes per year in OLI best practices, at OLI, via web, and regionally throughout the world.

James Berthold, MSc Chem

Vice President of Client Support

James is an extraordinary inorganic chemist who has worked with thousands of OLI clients in his 30 years with the company. He has a unique ability to both apply and troubleshoot the OLI model in a wide variety of client applications.

Diana Miller, PhD

Application Engineer

Diana recently joined the OLI team after finishing her PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Akron. As part of the Sales,Client Success & Support team, Diana brings her expertise in chemical and corrosion engineering to help OLI customers solve problems and maximize their success using OLI products.  

Ezequiel Vicent

Sr. Application Engineer

Ezequiel recently joined the OLI team as senior application engineer. As part of the Sales,Client Success & Support team, Ezequiel brings expertise in chemical engineering to help OLI customers solve problems and maximize their success using OLI products. 

Mike Kochevar, ChE, PMP

Business Development Manager

Mike works with OLI clients and prospective OLI clients on finding optimal ways to address electrolyte challenges. Mike arranges application assessments and recommends optimal ways to work with OLI technology, tailoring a solution to fit each client's needs. 

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