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OLI announces new sales organization
New Sales, Client Success & Support team within OLI  

This is a copy of a letter sent by Andy Rafal, CEO, to all OLI clients, announcing these key changes in OLI's structure. 

Dear OLI Customer:


Thank you for your continued support for OLI’s technologies, products and solutions. We greatly appreciate our business partnership and the ​trust that you place in OLI for your process modeling needs. 

Bottom row L-R: AJ Gerbino, Vineeth Ram, Pat McKenzie
Top row: L-R: Mike Kochevar,  Rasika Nimkar, Alice Parrish, Dira Salama, Diana Miller, James Berthold.

Today,  I am excited to share a few key changes at OLI that will give us even greater client focus, better align our innovation roadmap with current and future market requirements, expand our ability to serve customers globally and position us to deliver more value to clients.


I am continually amazed by OLI’s talent, capabilities and sustained track record of technological innovation and leadership in electrolyte chemistry applications. It is OLI’s potential to dramatically increase the scale and scope of its solutions and bring more value to our clients, particularly as the industrial digital transformation takes root,  that inspired me join OLI.   To achieve these objectives, we needed to transform several elements of our business,  acquire new competencies and most importantly, build much closer relationships with our clients.  The changes described below bring top industry talent, experienced executive leadership skill sets and evolve our organization structure for even greater success and scalability.


We have created an internal sales function at OLI to enhance customer experience and significantly elevate our client focus.  I am thrilled to announce that the AQSIM team, a proven leader in process modeling sales, and OLI’s former largest agent, are now part of OLI.  As part of this transition, their principals Pat McKenzie and AJ Gerbino are now a part of OLI.


“AJ and I are excited to bring the AQSim team back into OLI Systems, Inc.  Early in our AQSim life together, AJ and I realized that OLI was the ONLY technology we wanted to represent. In our assessment, this rigorous, accurate, pioneering OLI technology was, and is, the best way to fulfill our mission: to empower clients to address water-chemistry challenges. OLI, thanks for bringing us home!” Pat McKenzie, VP Sales OLI Systems, Inc.


“Pat says it well: for us, OLI was and is the only technology that can meet the challenges we see for delivering water chemistry scaling and corrosion insights. At this point in my career, I’ve worked with hundreds – make that thousands - of OLI clients through trainings and consulting projects. The insights that OLI simulation gives them based on rigorous electrolyte thermodynamics are  second to none. ” AJ Gerbino, VP Client Success OLI Systems, Inc.


For OLI to grow to its full potential, scale its business today and build new capabilities for the future, we are making investments in talent and require strong, experienced leaders working to tightly integrate client insights and needs into our product development efforts.  We have integrated the AQSIM team and OLI Technical Support team into a newly created Sales, Client Success and Support organization that will allow us to optimize the entire client engagement lifecycle and scale the growth of our business.  After an exhaustive executive search, I am very pleased to share that we have hired Vineeth Ram as our Chief Revenue Officer to lead our  client focused efforts.  Vineeth is an engineer by training, a former Hewlett Packard Enterprise Executive with two and half decades of  leadership skills in Operations and Information Technology.  Vineeth brings deep skills and experience from large and mid sized organizations in Simulation & Modeling, Cloud, Big Data, Analytics, IoT, and AI.  We are truly excited about Vineeth’s leadership and vision to accelerate OLI’s product development and growth  today and into the future.


“OLI has a very impressive track record as an industry leader in electrolyte chemistry with many unique and differentiated competencies and capabilities.  As the world of simulation and modeling evolves to become more integrated with real-time data analytics, insights and intelligence, OLI is well positioned to deliver even greater value to our clients in the future.  I am honored and excited to join the talented team at OLI to enable differentiated business outcomes for our clients in concert with a very rich customer experience.” Vineeth Ram, Chief Revenue Officer,  OLI Systems, Inc.


We are excited about what this will mean for our clients.  You will continue to receive the same level of service and support that you have been accustomed to from OLI and AQSIM, but from a significantly expanded team and with new solution capabilities.  We will also continue to selectively use OLI agents and partners to manage client relationships in certain regions outside the U.S.A as appropriate.


Looking ahead to 2018, we have some exciting new capabilties in the next product release which will be announced shortly.  We also plan to launch more tailored, packaged solutions for specific applications and industries.  Please stay tuned for more information about these developments.  As always, please reach out to the OLI sales team at oli.info@olisystems.com to learn more about these upcoming announcements or address any other questions you may have about this evolution at OLI or other topics.


My team and I are looking forward to meeting many of you at upcoming industry events in 2018.  For those of you who will be at NACE 2018 in Phoenix, please stop by booth 1215 to meet the OLI team.



Andy Rafal

CEO, OLI Systems Inc.