OLI Sponsored Research Partners
Industry & government partners in simulation technology

OLI Sponsored Research Partners provide specifications and funding for an extension of OLI technology, development of an OLI product or feature, or application of OLI to a specific business problem.

  • Partially fund the development of research, chemistry, product, or application

  • Help set the direction of OLI work

  • Become the client for new development of work particularly of interest to you

  • Receive ancillary partner benefits in exchange

Synergy. Innovation. Collaboration.

Andre Anderko, OLI's CTO, has written an article "Creating Partnerships to Ensure Success in Water Chemistry" that is a good description of how your company and OLI can work together.

Selected past Sponsored Research projects

  •    Alloy addition  

A nuclear power company commissioned parameters for new alloys that were of particular interest to them.

  •    New product development   

A team of three oil and gas upstream companies provided requirements, steering and testing for the development of OLI Studio: ScaleChem and then received partner pricing for that product for a period of time.

  •    Application consulting    

A Mideast oil and gas company worked with simulation experts to model several refinery units in one of their local refineries, extending the OLI chemistry where necessary.

  •    Application consulting   

An oil and gas company commissioned OLI's work on developing an interfacial tension model.

  •    Improved density model    

An oil and gas company funded the development of a better density model for brines up to high pressures and temperatures based on recently obtained experimental data.

  •    Chemistry additions    

A chemical company directed a comprehensive parameterization of boron chemistry using the Mixed-Solvent Electrolyte framework

OLI Research Partner Companies 

Critical Materials Institute

US Department of Energy’s hub, based at the Ames National Laboratory, for organizing and funding research on rare earth elements and other critical materials, with OLI providing thermodynamic simulation tools



The organizing company in a JIP on corrosion of corrosion-resistant alloys in extreme well environments, where OLI's contribution is model development for localized corrosion



The organizing company in a JIP for measuring inpurities in carbon dioxide rich phases



A laboratory who OLI used for the measurements of amine hydrochlorides as part of OLI's JIP, Chemistry in Refining Overheads


Scaled Solutions

Experimental partners in the UltraHPHT, a JIP organized by AQSim, OLI and SSL to improve simulation parameters in OLI Studio: ScaleChem for HPHT conditions


SRI International

Institution leading research on advanced carbon dioxide capture processes, where OLI provides process simulation technology



Past teaming partner in several projects, including the experimental partner in OLI's Chemistry in Refining Overheads project


Pennsylvania State University

Research partner in electrolyte thermodynamics and corrosion electrochemistry


Rutgers University

Research partner within the framework of the Critical Materials Institute, with collaboration focused on materials chemistry


University of California - Berkeley

Research partner in corrosion science

University of California - Davis

Research partner within the framework of the Critical Materials Institute, with collaboration focused on solid-state thermodynamics

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