Conversations with OLI Experts

on the Science of Electrolyte Chemistry

Welcome to OLI's new ‘Conversations with OLI Experts’ digital series on the science of electrolyte chemistry.  Each episode features a short podcast with an OLI technical expert, a written transcript and technical article.  These are complimentary grab-and-go resources developed by our technology experts on the latest technologies.

  • Vineeth Ram

  • Andre Anderko

  • AJ Gerbino

  • Ali Eslamimanesh

  • Jim Berthold 

Want more information? Check out our accompanying Conversations with OLI experts Webinar series.

These are complimentary 60-minute on-demand webinars with our technology experts on the latest technologies.

E7 Adsorption and ion exchange - YouTube

The Science of Adsorption and Ion Exchange for Industrial Water Treatment

Electrolyte Chemistry Analysis Capabilities in Industrial Process Simulators

Rare Earth Elements (REE)

Developing Efficient Extraction and Purification Processes

Mitigating Corrosion Risk

in Pipelines and Ships during Carbon Transportation


The Thermodynamic Foundations of Corrosion

Modeling of Corrosion of Corrosion Resistance Alloys

Lithium Mining: Maximizing yields

and lowering costs with electrolyte simulations

think simulation | getting the chemistry right

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