Marshal Rafal

Chairman of the Board


As founder and visionary leader, Marshall began a company that after 49 years retains a unique blend of dedication to furthering the electrolyte science while delivering the science through commercial software. Marshall will continue to provide enthusiastic and strategic leadership through working with OLI’s Board of Directors.


Marshall was co-author of the OLI Aqueous Thermodynamic Framework and was the lead author on the book, Handbook of Aqueous Electrolyte Thermodynamics: Theory and Application. Marshall was the principal author of the numerical algorithms for the OLI Engine and Tower solvers.

Areas of Expertise

• Applied mathematics
• Electrolytes
• Process simulation
• Solution chemistry
• Thermodynamics



AIChE CAST Division Lifetime Achievement Award Computing Practice Award (2002)


• PhD, Northwestern University
• MS, Northwestern University
• BChE, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art