OLI Studio


Simple and clear access to OLI's electrolyte chemistry expertise

   OLI Studio contains:

  • OLI Studio: Stream Analyzer

  • OLI Studio: ScaleChem

  • OLI Studio: Corrosion Analyzer (with EVS)


The OLI Studio was formerly known as Analyzer Studio.

Now shipping V9.6

OLI Studio: ScaleChem

Rigorous upstream production chemistry analysis

  OLI Studio: ScaleChem is simulation software that calculates scaling problems during oil and gas production.The program computes the four-phase properties of production fluids, providing the user with critical information about their system. Studio ScaleChem is used throughout the production profile; phase equilibria in the reservoir matrix through surface processing, and to injection and disposal.

  OLI Studio: ScaleChem accepts brine, gas, and hydrocarbon analyses. It can also accept analyses of treatment fluids, glycol mixtures, and heavy brines.

  OLI Studio: ScaleChem calculation scenarios include mineral scale prediction, fluid mixing, reservoir saturation (with cementing minerals), evaporation during glycol regeneration, and modeling of gathering and disposal facilities.

Some key attributes of OLI Studio: ScaleChem:

Professionally-maintained thermodynamic database and User Interface

  • Process-oriented calculation objects, allowing step-by-step visualization of the case.Four phase equilibria and mass balance: vapor, brine, oil and solids

  • Quantitative partitioning of acid gases and volatile fatty acids across brine-oil-gas interface

  • Mix and separate calculations

  • 6000+ species database

  • Seamless link to OLI Studio: Stream Analyzer and Corrosion Analyzer for advanced modeling