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 OLI Systems,Inc.

Global thought leader in electrolyte systems
modeling and simulation software

Delivering insights and intelligence into scaling and corrosion issues

for a wide variety of water chemistry challenges.



OLI's' staff includes chemists and physical chemists, software developers, engineers, and scientists, many with considerable experience in their fields prior to joining OLI, and many also with several years of experience at OLI. 

Each member of the OLI leadership team is established and accomplished in their respective fields of expertise, and also participates in the team's shared passion for electrolyte science and OLI's mission. This dedication, reinforced and amplified throughout OLI partners around the world, has led OLI to build a record of accomplishment far in excess of that expected for a company its size.

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OLI offers a variety of ways to take a closer look at OLI technology. We have a roster of OLI validation plots which we share upon request for a particular chemistry of interest, to determine which underlying experimental data was used for a given chemistry, and how well the OLI predictions model the data. Also, through our partners AQSim and SimTech, we can arrange application assessments and 30-day software evaluation copies.    

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 OLI maintains a Resource Library of information

  • Selected, published technical papers

  • Complete set of product sheets

  • Presentations from past OLI Simulation Conferences

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OLI software products are used by hundreds of process engineers, industrial chemists, chemical process technologists, researchers, corrosion specialists, and process design engineers. Clients come from diverse industries, from any industry where the behavior of electrolytes is an issue. Industry, government agencies and academia share an interest in this technology. OLI has software licenses in over 35 countries on 6 continents worldwide, including nearly all of the world’s 30 largest chemical and petroleum companies.

OLI relies on several kinds of partners to leverage our efforts in mutually beneficial, win-win relationships:

  • Technology Partners - providing specifications and funding for an extension of OLI technology in exchange for the opportunity to define mission-critical technology directions

  • Alliance Partners - Joining with other simulation software vendors to bring joint products to benefit our mutual clients

  • Research Partners - Synergy and collaboration with other organizations to provide advances in research of leading -edge topics