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Welcome members

Project objective

To give engineers ionic modeling capabilities for HF Alkylation


  • To facilitate development of accurate IOWs

  • To minimize corrosion of phase-change-driven water rich HF

  • For process optimization

  • For safer operation of HF Alkylation units 

Current actions - July  2019


  • Members: please send Pat & Andy any description of general, structural, qualitative or quantitative characterization of the ASOs you are seeing in your HF Alkylation process. If you are working with multiple units or see different types of ASOs, please send us the multiple information. We will be developing ASO 'types' to include in your simulations and so knowing as much as possible about your ASOs now is a good preparation!

  • Members: please start data collection based on the worksheet 19HF-001

  • Modelers: are waiting for the ASO information from members to target further ASO searches

  • Modelers: are working on the HF-HC parameters for the known hydrocarbons


Project meetings 


We will schedule a monthly update meeting via web on the 3rd Thursday of the month, beginning in September 2019

​Next meeting


19 September 2019 at 10am Eastern USA time 

Welcome members

Project objectives:

  • To give engineers ionic modeling capabilities for HF Alkylation

  • To facilitate development of accurate IOWs

  • To minimize corrosion of phase-change-driven water rich HF

  • To provide tools for process optimization

  • To provide tools for safer operation of HF Alkylation units 

Current actions - Last update 28 May 2020


  • During the meeting on May 21, JIP members voted to add some additional hydrocarbons to better characterize the alkylate stream for improving the Flowsheet model rather than to add heavier ASOs. A survey will be sent following the discussion at the meeting to collect the Top 4 hydrocarbons to add to the databank. Finally, as a consequence of this decision, we will extend the JIP another month, with our conclusion coming at the end of July 2020.

  • ASO parameters have been updated - the OLI TPM team have updated the parameters based on preliminary JIP member feedback in order to better match experience (literature has been exhausted). New databank is available below as 20HF-002-2. Updated installation guide available as 20HF-003-1. (Note this databank does not include the additional components to better model alkylate. An estimate for completion of this task will be provided after the survey is complete).  

  • Modelers: We will be setting up office hours to support your modeling efforts following the OLI Flowsheet training on May 28. 

  • Members:  Additional data beyond what is found in the initial data collection spreadsheet (19HF-001 below) will be required to complete the Flowsheet model that was demonstrated in the April 16 and May 21 meeting. The Flowsheet model will be required in order to determine the amount of entrained rich HF (and amount of water) in the column feed, which is in turn critical in establishing conditions which can cause corrosion. Refer to email sent 16 April after the monthly JIP meeting.  

  • Modelers: 4 new files:

1.   OLI Flowsheet & Studio files used in the May 28 training (zip file): 20HF-017

2.   Recording of OLI Flowsheet training May 28: 20HF-018

3.   Guide for OLI Flowsheet template (Draft): 20HF-015-1

4.   Follow the Water and HF guide: 20HF-016

Project meetings 


To be scheduled: OLI will host office hours following the training session on the use of OLI Flowsheet on May 28. Details to come.

June 18, 2020 Our next JIP meeting will be held at 10 AM EDT on June 18.  Agenda will be sent prior to meeting. 

Current project files

Please click on the file number on the left to access the file.
All files are stored in a directory that is password protected.

20HF-018       28 May 2020   Recording of May 28 Flowsheet training

20HF-017       28 May 2020   Zip file of OLI Flowsheet & Studio files used in May 28 training

20HF-015-1    26 May 2020   Flowsheet template guide document rev 1

20HF-016       22 May 2020   "Follow the Water and HF" document

20HF-015       22 May 2020   Flowsheet template guide document rev 0 (link removed; old file)

20HF-014       22 May 2020   Flowsheet template (for training on May 28)

20HF-013       21 May 2020   May Project Update Meeting - Presentation

20HF-012       21 May 2020   Recording for the May 21 meeting on TPM update, Simulation & Survey updates

20HF-003-1   28 Apr 2020    UPDATED instructions for installing the private databank (admin rights not required)

20HF-002-2   24 Apr 2020   UPDATE: zipped alkhf databank (remove the -002.ddb and/or -002-1.ddb file from the OLI directory) 

20HF-011       16 Apr 2020    April Project Update Meeting - Presentation

20HF-010      16 Apr 2020    Recording for the Apr 16 meeting on TPM update and Simulation Plan

20HF-009      13 Apr 2020    Recording for the Mar 19 meeting on additional survey results

20HF-008       5 Mar 2020    Recording for the Feb 20 meeting and initial training

20HF-007      26 Feb 2020    Component listing of the components in the alkhf databank (20HF-002-1)

20HF-006      26 Feb 2020    ASO papers used in OLI modeling (directory)

20HF-002-1    26 Feb 2020   Updated, zipped alkhf databank (link removed; old file) 

20HF-005      20 Feb 2020    Case used in the 20 February training
20HF-004      20 Feb 2020    Preliminary training manual for 20 February training

20HF-003      18 Feb 2020     Instructions for downloading and installing the private databank (link removed; old file)

20HF-002      18 Feb 2020     Preliminary private databank, needed for the February training (link removed; old file)
20HF-001      18 Feb 2020     Updated member roster (please send any changes / additions to Jordan)

File repository

Please click on the file number on the left to access the file.
All files are stored in a directory that is password protected.

19HF-009      21 Nov 2019    Project Update Meeting  - .wrf Recording (needs Webex player / first 2 minutes are missing)

19HF-008      21 Nov 2019    Project Update Meeting - Presentation

19HF-007      26 Sep 2019    Project Update Meeting  - .mp4 Recording

19HF-006      26 Sep 2019    Project Update Meeting - Presentation

19HF-005      17 Jul 2019      Organizational Web Meeting  - .mp4 Recording

19HF-004      17 Jul 2019      Organizational Web Meeting - Presentation

19HF-003a      Aug 2019      Project stakeholder roster  
         Jul 2019     Preliminary literature review for HF and hydrocarbons
19HF-001         Jun 2019      Data gathering worksheet for members (Gysbers)

19PRE-HF-001    Mar 2019   NACE Information Meeting

19PRE-HF-002    Mar 2019   FAQ information discussed at NACE

18PRE-HF-003    Nov 2018   Contract in Microsoft Word

18PRE-HF-002     Oct 2018   HF Alkylation proposal

18PRE-HF-001     Sep 2018   Original Gysbers-McKenzie presentation at CTW

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