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Rare Earth Elements: Developing Efficient extraction and purification processes



Rare Earth Elements Webinar

OLI is currently developing the predictive technology needed to design the extraction and purification processes for rare earth elements, yttrium and scandium (REY). These elements are critical to the modern economy, and as their demand increases, OLI will deliver the simulation technology used to design extraction processes that deliver higher yields, reduce costs and increase sustainability.  Dr. Gerbino will discuss the general chemical technology of REY extraction and how OLI contributes to this key industry.  He will describe the different chemical extraction processes associated with ores, clays, and waste materials. Finally, he will discuss OLI's plans to further develop the predictive chemistry needed to simulate solvent extraction and ion exchange processes, which are becoming key separation technologies for next generation REY extraction processes.

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Dr. AJ Gerbino

Vice President of Product and Client Success 
OLI Systems, Inc.

Dr. AJ Gerbino is the Vice President of Product and Client Success at OLI Systems responsible for OLI’s product strategy as well as pre-sales and consulting client engagements as well as technical training.  Dr Gerbino has over 30 years of experience with the application of electrolyte and water chemistry to enhance process design and operations.  He has successfully completed over 200 simulation studies in the Oil & Gas, Water Treatment, Metals & Mining, Chemicals and Power Generation industries.  He received a Distinguished Technical Award from NACE in 2015 and is a renowned expert in the application of electrolyte and water chemistry to industrial processes.