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OLI offers training throughout the year via web, regionally, or at OLI Systems office in NJ USA. Do you want training that is not listed here? Let us know! Our custom web trainings are effective and economical and can be scheduled at your convenience.  

OLI is active in conference attendance and presentations, and also in offering trainings. See our list below and let us know of your interests! 


2019 Annual AIChE Student Conference
8-11-November, Orlando, FL

OLI is looking forward to meeting chemical engineering students, researchers and faculty at this event and leading a Technology Workshop on water chemistry applications. 

AIChE Annual Meeting 2019
10-15 November, Orlando, FL

Meet Jim Berthold, VP Technical Support and Dr. Diana Miller, Technical Consultant in our booth to learn about OLI’s new innovations in OLI Platform V10.  See how OLI can help your process modeling activities.



International Water Conference 2019
10-14 November, Orlando, FL

Learn from OLI Experts Dr. A J Gerbino and Pat McKenzie how OLI is revolutionizing water treatment with new capabilities. Visit our booth and attend our presentations.

11-14 November, Abu Dhabi, UAE

OLI Team will be attending ADIPEC for the first time this summer.  Meet Dr. Samir Ujam, EMEA Business Development Director to learn more about OLI!





OLI was excited to be in the Middle East for this important bi-annual industry event. With Dr. Samir Ujam OLI’s EMEA Business Development Director and Dr. A J Gerbino’s presentations.

MEPEC 2019 
14-16 October, Bahrain

OLI attended this conference for the first time. Meet with Dr. A J Gerbino and Dr. Samir Ujam at the show to learn about the latest OLI innovations.

AIChE- PDS 2019 
25-26 September, Frakfurt

OLI attended OPTIMIZE this year and engage with industry leaders to discuss power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics within leading-edge asset optimization software.

13-16 May

OLI is proud to be an annual exhibitor at NACE CORROSION week. OLI's AJ Gerbino is Vice Chair of NACE's Annual Conference Program Committee

NACE Corrosion 2019
24-28 March

OLI is proud to have participated in this conference. Meet with Dr. Diana Miller, Client Support Consultant, to learn about OLI’s technology and capabilities!

LARTAC 2019 
1-4 October, Colombia

OLI returned as an exhibitor at this important annual "work week" for members of NACE International technical committees. OLI's experts will be there! 


CTW 2019 
15-19 September, St. Louis

OLI attended & sponsored the Lithium Processing session. OLI's AJ Gerbino will be presenting 2 presentations on solvent extraction REE and Li



ALTA 2019 
18-25 May, Perth

OLI is proud to have participated at this conference. Meet Dr. A J Gerbino, VP of Client Success, to learn about the new OLI platform V10!

AIChE - SPTC 2019 
1-2 October, Sugar Land

Dr. Samir Ujam, OLI’s EMEA Director of Business Development and OLI’s technical experts exhibited in Booth #16 for our maiden presence in Europe.

EuroCorr 2019 
9-13 September, Seville

OLI will return as exhibitor at this important biennial conference for the oilfield. OLI's AJ Gerbino and Pat McKenzie attended.


SPE International Conference 
8-9 April, Galveston

Dr. Andre Anderko, OLI CTO, have participated in this year’s meeting and will be excited to talk with you about OLI’s capabilities.

IAPWS Meeting  2019 
29-30 September, Banff

OLI sponsored 2019 PDS event to exchange knowledge, tips, and personal experiences in the development and scale-up of chemical and related processes. 


PDS 2019 
11-13 June, Houston

OLI exhibited and participated in this year’s key technical conference for practicing chemical engineers and attending various technical workshops relevant to the industry 

AICHE Spring Meeting
March 29 - April 2

The OLI team will be exhibiting, AJ Gerbino and Jeffery Preece of EPRI will be presenting a paper on "Investigation of Constituent Volatility During Evaporation of Flue Gas Desulfurization Wastewater"

International Water Conference 
4-8 November, Scotsdale

Rasika Nimkar and Vineeth Ram attended this conference given by our Alliance Partner, SimSci. Rasika spoke: "Revolutionize simulation in process industries with new electrolyte chemistry innovations"

AVEVA World 
10-13 Sept, Dallas

OLI's Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Andre Anderko presented "Rare-Earth Elements in Aqueous Sulfate Systems: Thermodynamic Modeling of Binary and Multicomponent Systems in Wide Concentration Ranges"

NIST Symposium
24-29 June, Boulder

Rasika Nimkar, OLI's Client Success Consultant, presented paper Optimize overhead refinery operations with ionic modeling, about OLI rigorous amine model predicting corrosive sublimation determining safe operating temperatures

AIChE Southwest Process 
9-10 October, Galveston

Andre Anderko presented at the ICPWS conference,

"Modeling phase equilibria & solution chemistry in complex aqueous systems containing rare earth elements"

1-4 Sept,  Prague

OLI attended with AQSim Europe and visited clients and colleagues at this conference. Dr.-Ing. Peter Poellmann  presented "Electrolyte process design using OLI Flowsheet: ESP"

11-14 June, Frankfurt

Jim Berthold, OLI VP of Client Support attended this community day, presented Overhead Refinery Unit performance optimization with electrolyte chemistry modeling using UniSIM Design and OLI Systems’ Alliance Engine

Unisim Design User 
4 October, Madrid

OLI Systems exhibited and presented at this conference.

OLI offering water treatment  process simulation for the mineral processing industry.

Extraction 2018
26-29 August, Ottawa

OLI attended and exhibited at this conference, offering a technical brief "Accelerate corrosion prediction accuracy with OLI technology."

NACE Corrosion Risk
11-13 June, Houston

The OLI Team attended Corrosion Technology Week, having committee members on STG31, STG34. Pat McKenzie co-presented with Andy Gysbers of Becht Engineering on HF - hydrocarbon - water chemistry.


16-20 Sept, Houston

OLI's Senior Scientist is attending this conference and will be presenting "Modeling solubility and solution chemistry of mercury in water, alcohols, and hydrocarbons"

ISSP Symposium
15-20 July, Tours

OLI's VP of Client Success AJ Gerbino attended and presented at the Fugacity workshop, "Transition from partial pressure to fugacity in corrosion modeling." 

NACE European Area
27-29 May, Genoa

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