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Uranium-REE presentation on Thursday 23rd May @ 2:10 PM Grand River Ballroom East: Predicting the Speciation and Properties of Rare Earth Elements During Chemical Extraction from Mineral Deposits


Lithium presentation on Friday 24th May@ 11:20 AM Grand River Ballroom West: Brine Chemistry and Properties Prediction During Salar Evaporation to Maximize Product Yield


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AJ brings simulation experience from hundreds of OLI Simulation Studies he has performed on behalf of clients. The lead instructor for OLI trainings, AJ teaches 20+ classes per year in OLI best practices, at OLI, via web, and regionally throughout the world.

Vice President of Client Success

Anthony J. Gerbino, PhD


Rasika brings clarity and passion to her expertise in working with clients on electrolyte applications. Her expertise in simulation and her ability to quickly grasp fine points of a flowsheet make her a sought-after addition to the OLI team.  

Client Success Consultant

Rasika Nimkar, MSc ChE


Diana recently joined the OLI team after finishing her PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Akron. As part of the Sales,Client Success & Support team, Diana brings her expertise in chemical and corrosion engineering to help OLI customers solve problems and maximize their success using OLI products.  

Client Support Consultant

Diana Miller, PhD

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