Access to OLI within EXCEL or your own program

The OLI Engine: Developer Edition can be used to embed calls to the OLI Engine within your own program. This permits access to OLI from within your own proprietary flowsheet software, or from Excel for individual ad-hoc calculations, or from any new programming environment that is seeking to automate OLI calculations for scaling or corrosion screening of large amounts of data.


The functionality of the OLI Engine: Developer Edition is particularly useful when you are looking for a repetitive calculation that you would like to automate, or when you are developing or extending your own system and want OLI embedded in another UI.



This API works with the concept of streams. The OLI API assumes that you will be creating an OLI chemistry model (required of all OLI calculations) either with the OLI-supplied Chemistry Wizard program or by using the OLI Studio and saving a model for a fixed chemistry in your program.

The API works in native OLI Engine units (C, atm, moles) and units conversion is left to the calling program. All of OLI's different types of equilibrium calculations are supported, along with an ionic input capability that permits charge balancing in the API.

The OLI API is written in C, and has been wrapped in VBA in an example program within Microsoft Excel which shows the functionality available. The ability to use the software within Microsoft Excel requires VBA programming skills. Please note that OLI provides only paid technical support on this product.

OLI Core Interface

This is an earlier, lower level interface to the OLI Engine which is still available for developers who require greater speed or more granularity in the calls allowed to OLI. Written in FORTRAN (an example program shows how to wrap in C / C++). This collection of calls duplicates the functionality in the OLI API. In addition, developers can call for properties without an equilibrium call, which provides maximum flexibility and speed in the developer's program.

This interface requires understanding of FORTRAN calls and arrays. Software development skills are required, some knowledge of OLI internals is needed. Please note that OLI provides only paid technical support on this product.

This interface has been used to connect to MATLAB, sample code is available for you to do the same.