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Corrosion and scaling in crude distillation unit (CDU) overhead is a chronic problem due to the nature of crude oil. The standard approach is to react to the problem, because of limited capabilities to predict the conditions at which it occurred and the severity of the problem.

This has now changed.  OLI is making it possible for refiners to forecast and pinpoint corrosion problems and to develop strategies for preventing them. 

Predictive maintenance tools


OLI has brought together five key technologies, rigorous thermodynamics, process simulation, accurate database, refining expertise, and hybrid modeling.  The integrated solution, a digital ecosystem of the refinery unit, predict corrosion and scaling problems before the crude is run, blended, or even purchased for the refinery.



The benefits of predictive maintenance tools are quite substantial. Savings of up to 25 MM USD can be realized by preventing unplanned shutdowns due to corrosion and scaling issues. 

How OLI does this


OLI Consulting Services creates a risk plan for clients based on historical data, current and future crude diets, and operating conditions.  We create heat maps showing the conditions where corrosion and scaling occur and their severity.   We follow this up with action plans to reduce corrosion severity, developing operating envelops and integrity operating windows to prevent unplanned shutdowns and extend asset life. 

OLI Advantages


OLI is the best tool.  Full stop. We know this because competitor tools are either based on OLD OLI technology, developed in the 1980’s, or based on empirical correlations.  ​

Since then, OLI has advanced this technology significantly, creating predictions that provide far more insight, and in turn producing actions that are far more beneficial. 

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“The OLI simulation package is a valuable tool in a corrosion engineer’s toolbelt. OLI Systems’ state-of-the-art technology and technical support gave us the confidence to effectively tackle our problem and quickly reach a solution.”​​​Mike Cayard​

Corrosion & Materials Leader – Operations Excellence

“OLI MSE easily demonstrates how varying process conditions and neutralizing compounds will affect water behaviors, and how to interpret their relationship — information which is key to predict and mitigate corrosion” 
Rusty Strong​
Senior Technical Services Manager​

“The flexibility of the model and technical support that OLI Systems provides are innovative and give us a great technical tool to support our customers.”​

Kathleen Wills
Technical Advisor​

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