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Client support inquiries
Clients and evaluation copy holders are welcome to begin a support request with us by using the form at the right.

Interested prospective clients, please use the "inquiries" menu under contact, so that your request is immediately routed to our sales team.

Telephone support
Telephone support is extended to OLI clients with Silver support level. This service is available during New Jersey, USA standard business hours. You can leave us a telephone ,message at any time. Please use the OLI main telephone number and press "2" for Technical Support.

CALL US : 1-973-539-4996

Web-based support

OLI provides a web meeting facility where we have regularly scheduled training via web. We can also arrange ad-hoc web meetings for problems where it will be useful to work with case files online. OLI also maintains facilities for remote desk top access for troubleshooting OLI access problems. These services are available to OLI clients with the Silver service level, and to all evaluation copy holders. 

Reporting problems to Client Support

Please understand that to report a problem, the Customer Support team will likely need the case file(s) causing the problem. OLI maintains an FTP site for uploading / downloading files associated with a case. Our team will need all your files, which can include a case file, related case files, chemistry model files and private databank files. It can get complicated. We have prepared information on how to report a problem and you can find this on the OLI Support wiki.

Release notes
You can find release notes on the downloads site when downloading the latest build, or by contacting Technical Support to request the release notes documentation.

OLI Support Wiki
 We have a wiki at Try it! You will find a variety of

  • Tips and explanations for working in the OLI software, 

  • Technology discussions,

  • Hardware requirements,

  • Installation and security help,

  • Lots more information about OLI