OLI Studio: Corrosion Analyzer is an aqueous corrosion simulation software used for accurate prediction of general corrosion rates and the propensity of localized corrosion, enabling the mitigation of corrosion, increasing useful asset life and improving operational efficiency and reliability.

Using a model comprised of thermophysical and electrochemical modules, Corrosion Analyzer is capable of reproducing active-to-passive transitions and the effect of solution species on passivity. The model simulates the effects of pressure, temperature, pH, component concentrations, and flow velocity on corrosion rates of different metallic materials and provides depletion profiles and Stability (Pourbaix) diagrams.

Meet with Dr. Diana Miller to learn what Corrosion Analyzer can do for you! Obtain your free copy of the software for a limited time!

Corrosion Analyzer Introduction
30 min

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