OLI at Conferences: Alta 2018

Free abstract: Aqueous chemistry of lithium production


Mike Dry, Arithmetek, Canada and Anthony J. (A.J.) Gerbino, OLI Systems


This paper was presented at the ALTA conference, Perth Australia,  19 - 26 May 2018


This paper presents an overview of the aqueous chemistry found in lithium processing, in which both chloride and sulphate systems are used depending on the source or technical preference. The various simple and complex salts and their associated solubilities are examined via modelling of the relevant chemistry. Potassium being a by-product of interest, the equilibrium chemistry of potassium in chloride and sulphate solutions of sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium is covered. 


AJ Gerbino

Vice President of Client Success

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Mike Dry

Owner, Arithmetek, Inc

think simulation | getting the chemistry right

think simulation | getting the chemistry right

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