OLI ENGINE: a unique software capability from a combination of
thermophysical properties models, an equation solver, and supporting databanks.

   In about 1990, OLI “cracked the code” when it comes to rigorous prediction of the chemical reaction and phase behavior of complex mixtures of chemicals in water under modest to extreme conditions of temperature, pressure, and ionic strength.


  The combination of thermophysical properties models, solvers, and databank that enable this unique capability is known as the OLI Engine. Since 1990, OLI has built on this technology base a family of simulation technology and software products, with applications covering chemical processes, electrochemical corrosion modeling, oilfield scale prediction, water treatment, and environmental simulation.

  OLI now has extensive chemical speciation for over 85 elements of the periodic table. We employ seven full-time thermophysical modelers to extend and improve OLI electrolyte chemistry and aqueous corrosion simulation capabilities.​

  OLI has an established client base in many sectors of chemical process industry and has built a reputation for accuracy and excellence based upon products and client support. 

Core competencies 

  • Electrolyte thermodynamics

  • Aqueous corrosion prediction

  • Process simulation

  • Electrochemical corrosion simulation

Core values

  • Getting the chemistry right

  • Furthering the science

  • Making complicated technology accessible

  • Delivering service through experts


  • ​Privately held corporation

  • Corporate office in NJ USA

  • Established 1971

  • Technology focused

  • Client oriented

  • Provides software, training, consulting 

Global thought leaders in electrolyte systems
modeling and simulation software

Delivering insights and intelligence into scaling and corrosion issues
for a wide variety of water chemistry challenges

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