Scope of Chemistry 

Amine chloride salts now in MSE

Version 9.2.1 and later

OLI has added the chemical and phase behavior of 20 amines to the MSE databank. For each amine, OLI conducted an extensive and critical review of all available literature relative to the amines themselves and their associated behavior in the presence of hydrocarbons, CO2  , and H2S. The 20 amines include...

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Localized corrosion modeling in hydrogen sulfide containing environments

Coming in the software in 2016

OLI recently extended the corrosion simulation model to include the phase behavior and corrosivity of H2S containing environments. Andre Anderko gave an invited presentation of this work at the Gordon Research Conference...

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Boric acid and selected metal borate systems

V9.2.1 and higher

Aqueous boron chemistry is attracting a lot of attention. Boric acid is commonly added to the coolant in pressurized water reactors, thus making it necessary to know the thermodynamic behavior of borate systems with high accuracy up to high temperatures. Borate buffers are widely used in pH standards. Borohydrides of alkaline metals are attractive as hydrogen sources for fuel cells. At the same time, the phase behavior and speciation of borate systems is exceedingly complex...

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Mineral scaling in the presence of ethylene glycol

V9.1 and higher

Ethylene glycol is an important component in the oil and gas and chemical industries. Among various applications, it is used for gas hydrate inhibition and as an anti-solvent in crystallization processes. When used for gas hydrate management...

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