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OLI Systems has a proven reputation in the global Oil & Gas and Chemicals sectors for helping companies overcome the challenges of corrosion. With comprehensive water chemistry expertise, OLI Systems enables customers to simulate field conditions with extreme accuracy to identify and predict at-risk areas for corrosion and other issues. In this study, a Product Application Engineer at CHIMEC S.p.A, enlisted OLI Systems’ electrolyte chemistry analysis capabilities as a part of the risk-based assessment to treat and prevent salt deposition and mitigate corrosion risk in Crude Oil refining and upgrading applications.

OLI Systems has worked with Athlon, a Halliburton Service, for several years, stemming from our joint involvement in the Chemistry in Refining Overheads Consortium. The project was designed to

address the formation of amine hydro chloride salt deposits, a major cause of overhead corrosion. OLI Systems operationalized these insights by developing model parameters to quickly and accurately identify corrosion issues and recommend solutions, enabling Athlon to help refining customers mitigate ongoing corrosion issues.

OLI Systems has worked with Flint Hills Resources for the past eight years to enhance refining applications. Due to their joint success in this industry, Flint Hills Resources invoked the help of OLI Systems software and technical experts to help resolve an extremely corrosive environment at one of their biofuels sites. Utilizing state-ofthe-art modeling capabilities and rigorous water chemistry analysis, the company was able to find an accurate and immediate solution.

Olavo Dias, currently with Becht Engineering, has utilized OLI Systems’ modeling and simulation software with rigorous chemistry expertise to resolve a number of corrosion issues. The primary objective was to pinpoint the cause of ongoing corrosion in refinery overhead systems, even after materials upgrading and complete corrosion control. He teamed up with OLI Systems’ experts and utilized the thermodynamic models to simulate the refinery overheads to quickly determine a solution.

Creedence Energy Services is an oil and gas chemical company who plans to become the leader of production chemical programs in the Bakken oil fields. To achieve this, Creedence Energy enlisted the extensive water chemistry analysis capabilities of OLI Systems, to help them mitigate corrosion and optimize drilling performance for their customers. OLI Systems’ thermodynamic modeling and simulation software provided vital chemistry insights to discover, predict, and treat corrosion in downhole equipment. This enabled Creedence Energy to rapidly resolve corrosion issues and extend asset life.

OLI Systems has worked with DNV GL to solve a number of complex challenges in multiple sectors. This project was designed to assist oil and gas companies in selecting the right materials to enhance production and reduce corrosion risks. OLI Systems and DNV GL modeled extreme field environments utilizing the most critical conditions and conducted experiments on a number of metal alloys. The results have enabled companies across the Oil and Gas sector to optimize materials selection for their unique environments by accelerating research, improving corrosion management, and reducing cost.

For decades, OLI Systems has worked with companies across the Oil & Gas (O&G) sector to improve safety, productivity, reliability, and performance at every stage of production. In this case study, OLI Systems collaborated with a customer looking to enhance materials selection for Midstream O&G operations. Researchers worked with OLI Systems to implement a powerful combination of state-of-the-art software and water chemistry analysis to rapidly design and run experiments in order to develop new corrosion-resistant alloys.

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