Joining with other simulation software vendors to bring joint products to benefit our mutual clients
  • *NEW* OLI Engine in SysCAD

        Partners with KWA Kenwalt Australia

OLI is implemented as a property block in an OLI Reactor block inside SysCAD, a flowsheet simulator for mineral processing.  


  • OLI Engine in Aspen Plus / OLI Engine in Aspen HYSYS

Partners with Aspen Technology


OLI's specialty product fits well within AspenTech's comprehensive suite of engineering tools, adding value to AspenTech's electrolyte capabilities when tough electrolyte problems occur.



  • OLI Engine in gPROMS

Partners with Process Systems Enterprise|

When gPROMS is your simulator of choice, check this joint product that brings electrolyte rigor to the gPROMS system.


  • OLI Engine in IDEAS

Partners with Andritz Automation

OLI brings chemistry to IDEAS mass, energy, and momentum balances for hydraulic / thermodynamic systems.

  • OLI Engine : PIPESIM PVT File

Partners with Schlumberger


OLI Studio: ScaleChem clients can use this product to generate a PVT File that can be read by PIPESIM. This permits rigorous scale analysis within pipelines.

  • OLI MSE Engine in PRO/II

Partners with SimSci by AVEVA

SimSci was our first Alliance Partner in a relationship of nearly 30 years. Clients currently can use OLI simulation when they purchase Pro/II Electrolytes with a subset of the OLI AQ model. PRO/II clients can now select either the subset databank or the complete OLI databank system including the MSE model.


  • OLI Engine in UniSim Design

Partners with Honeywell

Honeywell's team has implemented OLI as a property method for both the MSE and AQ models.

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