At ACHEMA, learn how OLI Systems simulation technology can make a difference
in your industrial water treatment processes.

-  Meet OLI experts Pat McKenzie and Dr.-Ing. Peter Poellmann of AQSim Europe

- Schedule a half-hour application assessment with them to learn 

- Pick up the technical brief "Transforming electrolyte chemistry modeling applications"


- Attend Peter's presentation "Elctrolyte process design using OLI Flowsheet: ESP" 

Transforming electrolyte chemistry modeling applications

Technical brief by OLI Systems 
Electrolyte process design using OLI Flowsheet: ESP

Presentation by Dr.-Ing. Peter Poellmann

Available from Pat or Peter at ACHEMA 


The chemical engineering landscape is undergoing major shifts that are challenging companies to evolve their approach to technology, chemistry, and mathematics. Pursuing digital transformation through simulation empowers companies to hone their business strategies, from design optimization to production. As a water chemistry simulation company, OLI Systems is working to increase the speed and consistency of electrolyte simulation and to change the way the industry approaches chemical applications. 

OLI simulation software brings intelligence and insight to your chemical applications, through virtual research & development using software to target experiments, through process simulation to determine optimal process design and operations, and through corrosion and scaling modeling and prediction.

This is an OLI technical brief that will become available from OLI at ACHEMA - get an advance copy!

Presentation Tuesday Afternoon at ACHEMA


Modeling of processes involving electrolytes can be done using several commercial process simulators. For most of them, OLI Systems, Inc., New Jersey, USA, a pioneer in electrolyte modeling since more than 47 years, offers interfaces for their aqueous or mixed-solvent electrolyte models. In 2016, OLI has released a program of their own development, OLI Flowsheet: ESP. For processes, where electrolytes are predominant, the new simulator is the tool of choice.

This paper discusses an industry example of extractive distillation for separating hydrochloric acid, the presentation demonstrates the productive utilization of OLI’s electrolyte simulator for process design. While in a simulation case the structure of the process is known along with its specifications, the design task aims at the structure itself, and the solution of this problem usually involves a target-oriented sequence of simulations.


This presentation will become available from OLI once it is presented at ACHEMA - reserve a copy!

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