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Process engineering departments always strive to incorporate a new generation of chemical engineers. OLI technology is a rigorous process simulation platform, enabling the next generation of chemical engineers to deliver a rich combination of new data parameters, thermodynamic framework and software innovations for Oil & Gas, Industrial Water Treatment and Rare Earth Minerals to enable higher process reliability, efficiency, and engineering productivity.

Experience a unique simulation software with our academic program licenses

We offer three types of licenses

Academic Education License (EDU)

  1. For undergraduate, graduate studies or post-graduate curriculum (students)

  2. This is an individual softkey license

Academic Classroom (EDC)

  1. For lecture setting and teaching – Professors + Students

  2. This comes with 20 - 50 network concurrencies for one package (Process OR Corrosion)

Academic Research License (EDR)

For funded academic research. To be eligible for this option:

  1. Client organization is a research department within / or affiliated with a university

  2. Client results will not be used for any industry or government application

  3. Client work would not be competing with work normally performed by a commercial consultant 

  4. Client cites OLI when publishing any results

OLI V10 Platform

Learn more about our new platform

Wiki-OLI Models

Read about our thermodynamic models

Spotlight Seminars

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OLI Academic Sponsored Research - University Partners

Pennsylvania State University

Research partner in electrolyte thermodynamics and corrosion electrochemistry

Rutgers University

Research partner within the framework of the Critical Materials Institute, with collaboration focused on materials chemistry

University of California - Berkeley

Research partner in corrosion science

University of California - Davis

Research partner within the framework of the Critical Materials Institute, with collaboration focused on solid-state thermodynamics

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